The role of Biotechnology is highly important as never before. It has become the new wave of world economy after the information technology. Biotechnology contributes greatly to humanity in the fields of agriculture, health, industrial and environmental processes.

Indonesia as part of the global community has the strategic advantage due to its biodiversity. The enormous potential of Indonesia in the development of biotechnology has made the forum for communication between national and international experts as a compulsary. Therefore, hundreds of researchers, academics, industrialists, businessmen, and policymakers had shown great interest and gathered in previous Indonesian Biotechnology Conference (IBC) since 1996 (Jakarta), 2008 (Bogor), and 2012 (Lombok). Indonesian Biotechnology Consortium as the organizer decides to pick the theme "ENHANCHING INDUSTRIAL COMPETITIVENESS THROUGH BIOTECHNOLOGY INNOVATION" on the occasion of the 6th IBC in Surakarta.

As in the previous events of IBC, participants from Indonesia and countries such as Japan, Germany, USA, Australia, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, are expected to deliver the cutting edge in research along with leading products in various fields of Biotechnology.



To provide a vehicle the state of the art in research results and trends in the field of biotechnology.

To provide discussion and interaction among industrial experts and the public about biotechnology.

To increase awareness of policy makers and public on biotechnology's role in national development

Topic Fields

Agriculture & Forestry Biotechnology

Health & Medical Biotechnology

Energy and Environmental Biotechnology

Marine Biotechnology

Industrial Biotechnology

Targeted Participants


Academics, Students

Industries and Business


Non-government organizations

Domestic participants: 400

Overseas participants: 100

Invited Speakers








Prof. Seiji Kageyama (*)

Tottori University

Medical Biotechnology



Prof. Hiroyuki Koyama

Gifu University

Agricultural Biotechnology



Prof. Fumiaki Suzuki

Gifu University

Animal Husbandry



Prof. Kinya Akashi (*)

Tottori University

Agricultural Biotechnology



Dr. Xu Jian Long

Agr. Genomic Inst. Shenzhen

Rice Molecular Breeding



Prof. Liu Guo Dao

CATAS, China

Tropical Plant



Prof. Baoshan Chen

Guangxi University

Agricultural Biotechnology



Dr. Inez H.S. Loedin


Agricultural Biotechnology



Dr. Adi Santosa


Medical Biotechnology



Raymond R. Tjandrawinata


Pharmaceutical Biotechnology



Indra Bachtiar

Kalbe Indonesia SCI

Stem Cell



Mun Keat Phd

PT Merck Chemicals and Life Sciences

Medical Biotechnology


Nb : (*) = to be corfirmed

Important Dates

Abstract Submission

31 July 2016

Notification of Abstract Acceptance

10 August 2016

Full Paper Submission

15 August 2016

Early bird Registration

15 August 2016

Deadline for registration (including dinner, fieldtrip, Family/Spouse, workshop )

15 August 2016

Conference Date

6 – 8 Sept 2016

Organizing Committee



Prof. Dr. Ahmad Yunus

Vice President


1.  Afiono Agung Prasetyo, dr., Ph.D

1.  Dr. Siswa Setyahadi

2.  Dr. agr. Sigit Prastowo



1.    Dr. Ir. Amalia T Sakya, M.Sc

2.    Dr. Ir. Tania Surya Utami, M.T



1.  Yulia Sari, S.Si., M.S

2.  Dr. Ir. Sri Hartati, MP

3.  Dra. Sih Parmiyatni



1.    Prof. Dr. Ir. Sulandjari, M.S

2.    Prof. Dr. Ir. Nandariyah, MS

3.    Dr. Ari Susilowati, S.Si., M.Si

4.    Anif Nur Artanti, S. Farm., M.Sc.,Apt

5.    M. Cahyadi, M.Biotek., Ph.D

6.    Dr. Tri Muji Ermayanti

7.   Dr. Ir. Adi Ratriyanto

8.    Dr. Ir. Suleman

9.    Sari Fitriani, A.Md

10. Hartono Cahyo



1.   Dr. Ir. Endang Yuniastuti, M.Si

2.   Marwoto, dr., Sp.M.K., M.Sc

3.   Dr. Yawarsa Halim

4.   Elisabeth Maria, M.Si

5.   Sara Wijayanti, S.Si

6.   Sigit Sadewo, S.Si, M.Si

7.   Muryanto

8.   Ir. Hayati Minarsih, M.Sc., Ph.D

9.   Herry Kristanto

10. Woro Umayi, S.Si, M.Si

Scientific Board

Agriculture & Food Science


-          Prof. Dr. Ir. Djoko Purnomo, M.P.

-          Prof. Suranto, M.Sc., Ph.D

-          Prof. Dr. Sugiyarto, MS

-          Dr. Saptowo J Pardal

-          Supiyani, Ir., M.P., M. Agr.,Ph.D

-          Dr. Aris Winaya

-          Prof. Dr. Suharsono, DEA

-          Danar Praseptyangga, Ph.D

-          Dr. Ir. Adi Magna

- Dr. Ir. Syarif Husen, M.P.

-          Dr. Ir. Adi Ratriyanto

Maritime Affairs & Fisheries


Dr. Ekowati Chasanah



-      Dr. Hadiyanto

-      Dr. Roy Hendroko

-      Prof. Dr. Yanni Sudiyani

Health and Medicine


-      Prof. Dr. dr. Suradi, Sp.P(K)., MARS

-     Paramasari Dirgahayu, dr., Ph.D

-      Afiono Agung Prasetyo, dr., Ph.D.

-      Dr. Dra. Anita, Apt.

Industry and Environment


-      Ir. Setiarti Sukotjo, M.Sc

-      Dr.rer.nat. Abu Amar

Program & Publication


1.  Paramasari Dirgahayu, dr., Ph.D*

2.  Prof. Dr. Ir. Edi Purwanto, M.Sc

3.  Dr. Widyatmani Sih Dewi, MP

4.  Dr. Danar Praseptiangga, S.TP, M.Sc

5.  Sri Mulyani, Ph.D

6.  Prof. Dr. Samanhudi

7.  Dr. Widodo Hadi Saputro

8.  M Cahyadi, Ph.D

9.  Dr. Ahmad D. Setiawan

  1. Dr.Tarwadi

Publication & Marketing

Ir. Hayati Minarsih, M.Sc., Ph.D

Food & beverages


1.    Dr. Sri Hartati, Ir., M.P*

2.    Dra. Sri Haryati, M.Kes

Logistics and Transportation


Drs. Hudiyono, M.S. *

Advisory Board

Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education

Ministry of Agriculture

Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Ministry of Industry

Governor of Central Java Province

Chancellor of Universitas Sebelas Maret

Steering Committee

Dr. Ir. Ekowati Chasanah (Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan)

Prof. Dr. Misri Gozan (President of KBI (Ketua KBI)

Dr. Widodo Muktiyo (Vice Chancellor IV UNS (Wakil Rektor bidang IV UNS)

Prof. Dr. Sulistyo Saputro (Head of Institute for Research and Community Services UNS (Kepala LPPM UNS)

Aviono Agung Prasetyo, dr., Ph.D (Head of Center of Biotechnology and Biodiversity Research and Development UNS (Kepala P3BB LPPM UNS)

Prof. Dr. Hartono, dr. (Dean of Faculty of Medicine UNS (Dekan FK UNS)

Prof. Dr. Bambang Pujiasmanto (Dean of Faculty of Agriculture UNS (Dekan FP UNS)

Prof. Dr. Bambang Prasetyo (Head of National Standardization Agency (Ketua BSN)

Dr. Karden Mulya (Biro Rekomendasi dan Kajian Bioteknologi)

Dr. Ir. Darmono Taniwiryono (Kepala Balai Penelitian Bioteknologi Perkebunan)

Registration Fee

Deadline Payment

Before 11.05.2016


International participants (non student)

US$ 200

US$ 300

International student

US$ 100

US$ 150

Deadline Payment

Before 11.05.2016


Domestic participants

(non student)

IDR 1.000.000

IDR 1.250.000

Domestic student




IDR 500.000

IDR 750.000


IDR    750.000

IDR 1.000.000

The registration fee covers meals during the conference, seminar kit and certificate. Accommodation is excluded.


Submission of registration fee to account:

c/q: Konsorsium Bioteknologi Indonesia,

133-00-0521555-3, SWIFT CODE BMRIIDJA

Bank Mandiri Kantor kas Cibinong, Bogor

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